LOYAL - Be loyal to your country
OBEDIENCE - Be obedient to your parents
LOVING - Be loving to your family
COOPERATION - Be cooperative with others
FAITHFUL - Be faithful to friends
RESPECT - Be respectful to your Master
HONESTY - Be honest in personal affairs
COMPASSION - Show concern for others
MERCY - Never attack without reason
PERSISTENCE - Finish what you start


I do hereby pledge to abide by the following ten rules governing membership:

1. I understand that the martial arts program strives toward the improvement of the whole person.  Therefore, it insists on the constant interaction between the spiritual and physical.  I will emulate the high ideals of all ancient cultures such as tolerance, non-violence, respect for my peers, dedication to duty, and honor to my superiors.

2. I shall maintain a good rapport with my school.  I will be loyal to the spirit of martial arts as well as to those who are inspired by the martial art spirit.  Since I have chosen to become a student of martial arts, I am obliged to be loyal to its spirit.

3. I will not criticize other students.  An unwritten rule of martial arts requires that students only speak well of other students.

4. I shall be extremely cautious about making promises, but I shall keep the ones I do make.

5. I shall be punctual for class.

6. I shall react in a mature manner to every event, regardless if it is favorable, frustrating, or disastrous, as I represent the school.

7. I will act always with my purpose before me.  I will act with sincerity and forthrightness.

8. I will endeavor to overcome any shyness that I might feel in front of an audience.  In this effort, I will assist my instructors in teaching beginning students whenever possible.

9. I will not hesitate to take the necessary risks in order to develop into an ideal martial artist.

10. I will endeavor to finish what I have started, to reach my goals, and to set new ones.