If you have any questions about belt requirements, please do not hesitate to ask a Master or Instructor. We’re here to help you succeed!

Color Belt Forms:

Testing forms are below for each color belt rank. Please click on a belt below to learn the requirements for your next test.

If you are a child, please don’t forget your Teacher Form!

White to YellowAdultChild
Yellow to OrangeAdultChild
Orange to GreenAdultChild
Green to PurpleAdultChild
Purple to BlueAdultChild
Blue to BrownAdultChild
Brown to RedAdultChild
Red to High RedAdultChild
High Red to Deputy 1AdultChild
Deputy 1 to Deputy 2AdultChild

If you will be testing for a Black Belt Dan Rank, congratulations! Please see Master Yu for your testing form.

Other Test Forms:

  1. Black Belt Tip Test
  2. Weapon Test